prom|ise «PROM ihs», noun, verb, -ised, -is|ing.
1. words said or written, binding a person to do or not to do something: »

to give a promise to help. A man of honor always keeps his promise.

SYNONYM(S): vow, pledge, covenant.
2. Figurative. a) an indication of what may be expected: »

The clouds give promise of rain. In each dewdrop of the morning lies the promise of a day (Thoreau).

b) an indication of future excellence; something that gives hope of success: »

a pupil of promise in music, a young scholar who shows promise.

1. to give one's word; make a promise: »

He promised to stay till we came.

2. Figurative. to give promise; give ground for expectation: »

He thought that voyage promised very fair, and that there was a great prospect of advantage (Daniel Defoe).

1. to make a promise of (something) to (a person): »

to promise help to a friend.

2. to obligate oneself by a promise to: »

to promise a friend to help.

3. Figurative. to give indication of; give hope of; give ground for expectation of: »

a young man who promises much. The rainbow promises fair weather.

4. to assure: »

Good manners are never out of place, I promise you.

[< Latin prōmissum < prōmittere send forth, foretell; promise < prō- before + mittere to put, send]
prom´is|er, noun.

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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